Mobile Apps

We tap in to the power of your smart phone to give you experiences you never thought possible.

Mobile Apps

Moile phones are now an essential part on the morden day human. We use apps to socialise, take amazing pictures, find our way home when we are lost, work remotely from work, send emails, surf on the Internet, watch videos, listen to your favourite songs, and study. However, for business mobile apps present a opportuity to stay in touch with customers and generate revenue cheaply. Instant notifications allows your to respond quickly and win customers.

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Windows Apps

We support the few remaining windows powered smart phones so that you do not leave anyone behind.

Android Apps

The android platform is by far the dominent mobile OS in Zimbabwe with over 70% of the smart phone users. We love Android.

iOS Apps

Apple phones are on a steady adoption in Zimbabwe, this is one of the most important platform for future oppotunities. iOS is one of the most secure mobile platform making it desirable.

Android iOS Windows

These are the top priority platfoms we work with. Our apps interfaces are consistent acros the devices making it easier to understand.