A website built on good web design drive deeper user engagement, leads, and sales for your business.

Web Design

Web design

Web design is more focused on how a website should look, while web development provide the actual code that is rendered in the web browser. We do not use templates to create a website because we know every business is different. We write custom HTML, CSS, javascript and PHP from scratch. HTML provide the markup of a website, CSS styles the markup, javascript enables client side programming and PHP anables server side programming.

There is more to websites than pretty web pages. We design websites that rank higher on the web to create sale opportunities. Our web designs work well across all platforms and devices, Responsive Web Design

Web design and development process

We follow an eight step Web design process for creating high quality websites at lower prices. It is very important that you understand that our process intimately involves you, all the way, before we work together on your website project. The following points provide a summarised guide on our eight step process web development process.

  1. Analysis
  2. Planning
  3. Design
  4. Content
  5. Development
  6. Testing
  7. Publishing
  8. Support
Web design Project Analysis

1. Web design Project Analysis

This is an information gathering phase. We talk about your business or you, what you do and what youb want to achieve. These questions help us understand the purpose of your website, what you want to achieve from it, who is your target audience and what what your target audience want from your website.

Web design Project Planning

2. Web design Project Planning

After analysing the information we gathered from the previous step we can then plan on how best we can design your website. We look at our Web design packages and applicable technologies that can suite your site judging from the key topics, number of pages needed, wheather your are providing services or selling products.

Web design Project Design

3. Web design Project Design

After determining whether you need a $100 Web design package or $1000 Web design package, we make a number of one of a kind design prototypes through sketches to get visual looks of your website before we get committed of a particular design philosophy. After exchanging valuable ideas we agree on a certain path to the next stage.

Web design Project Content

4. Web design Project Content

We write up the content that must be included on the website, and choose images and videos that are needed to complement the text. After choosig the right content we optimize it for use on the web by choosing the right formats, compressing and editing to get the right contrastinng colours. This is very important for Search Engine Optimization.

Web design Project Development

5. Web design Project Development

At this stage we begin the fun staff building the actual code for your website. We write the HTML files, apply CSS styles, write the javascripts for the client side and PHP for the server side. We try as much as we can to write minimum code as possible while being innovative at the same time so that your website does not use too much computer resources.

Web design Project Testing

6. Web design Project Testing

The website is tested to check if is working as it was designed to. Different devices and web browser clients are used to check for consistency and responsiveness. Patches are applied to ensure there are no surprise bugs, test users are tasked to do extensive testing to simulate real users of the website. Feedback from test users is critical to solve problems

Web design Project Publishing

7. Web design Project Publishing

After the web developers are satisfied that the website is bullet proof from bugs, it is migrated from the developmet platform to its final hosting computer online. Finally web server configurations are applied together with a SSL certificate. Minor tests are carried out to check if the configurations have been applied correctly

Web design Project Support

8. Web design Project Support

The last stage is a never ending stage that lasts the lifetime of the website. The website is periodically checked to see if it is working properly. Backups and updates to the site are applied as needed.

An analytics-driven web design process

Fluid Websites

Our team studies search factors, conversion paths, messaging, and query performance data to make better design decisions for your website. Watch the video.

Fluid Websites